Choosing the right alarm with remote monitoring

In 2014, 568,000 households reported being robbed, the highest level since 2006. However, only 8% of French people equipped their homes with an alarm system. Decided to take the plunge before the holidays? You can choose between two types of remote monitoring devices.

A contract with a specialized company
Expensive but reassuring. Counting 29 to 45 euros per month for remote surveillance, and 500 to 1300 euros for the equipment depending on the surface to be protected (invoiced at departure, at Verisure Securitas or Nexecur, or rented 20 to 45 euros per month, in addition to monitoring ). "The system is installed by an expert, after on-site diagnosis to evaluate the number of cameras and the ideal place of the contactors", thus argues Karima Bouaziz, spokesperson of Verisure Securitas (the contactors detect the forced opening of the strategic openings ). Then, "if the alarm goes off, the security agents view the images, challenge the intruders by loudspeaker and then join the police: the central is entitled to contact the police or firefighters in your place and has even a priority number, "she continues. The principle is the same at EPS, Nexecur, etc. Prefer a device with "zoning": leaving the alarm on the ground floor while sleeping on the floor is useful. And if you have a four-legged companion, choose a system that does not fire when it scrapes its litter: some cameras give the alert only beyond a certain body density.

Cameras under your control
A system to install yourself and then administer from your phone or computer. In case of intrusion, an alarm sounds, you receive alerts then contact the police. This solution is economical, since you only have to buy the equipment. But if you're not an inveterate do-it-yourselfer and a security specialist, you'll have trouble protecting your home perfectly. And most importantly, if the alert is triggered while you are unreachable, no one will call the police.

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