A distributor of stories to wait clever

Rather than stomp impatiently or make a phone call disturbing neighbors, and using a queue to discover new writers? Since September, the city of Grenoble has set up funny terminals in eight of its public spaces (tourist office, social centers ...). Rather than issue an umpteenth number, they distribute a free ticket on which news, short comics or poems can be read for the desired duration (one, three or five minutes). This unexpected missive, which is 8 cm wide and 60 cm long in its medium format, is the result of an idea from a community publishing start-up iséroise, called "Short Edition".

Most connected can find these short stories (and many others) to devour or listen on smartphone or tablet, via //short-edition.com. The community site highlights 5,000 Internet authors and has already received 50,000 works, validated by its editorial committee, which also elects each season its laureates. They are the ones you have the chance to read if you are from Grenoble. It remains to be hoped that the idea is spreading!

Video: Control Review - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 235 (January 2020).


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