5 tips to better use your mailbox

Sort important messages Sort the mails you want to keep to find them again! Most e-mail software offers tools for classifying your messages. For some, like Gmail, it is a question of associating your mails with the labels of your choice: "Move towards" then "Create" a label, which is a name of file, like "Children" or "Taxes".

Aggressive ads: tips for less stress

Your email address is overflowing with unwanted ads? You win every week at a fake lottery by phone? Here are the steps to follow to protect your personal data and avoid abuse. The solutions Do not consent to the assignment of his email on the Internet when this is requested (or "uncheck" the "pre-checked" consent boxes).

Flash back: 22 September 1981, the TGV finally on track

On this Tuesday of September 1981, France is moving up a gear. And even at very high speed, thanks to the train of the same name which makes its first official exit between Paris and Lyon: only 2 h 40 ride when it was necessary four before! The bright orange arrow, shaped lines like those of a rocket, cleaves the air at 260 km / h on average.

An anti-stitch fragrance

They leave a sticky film on the skin, smell at best lemongrass, at worst a chemical smell that is reminiscent of toilet deodorants. But until then, there was little better than repellent sprays to protect themselves from mosquitoes. Well, here is a news that will delight you: your perfume can also serve you.

Naughty testimonials: they raise the temperature!

The most naughty ideas of our quinquas and more ... What to find inspiration! "With my husband, we are very playful, when I caress myself in front of him, very often, I blindfold myself, so that I preserve a form of intimacy with myself and he can enjoy the show. both our account, our excitement and our pleasure.

And if we offered ourselves a naughty nap?

Even when our eyelids are heavy after lunch, we fight against sleep. The siesta is for toddlers, old and lazy, we asserts with authority our superego! Let us silence, once and for all, this healer to go round in circles full of prejudices. Not only does this little sleep at the heart of the day combine the virtues of health but it also has the happy advantage of spurring our sexuality.