How to create a group of contacts in his mail?

Whatever the use of your mail, you probably have the habit of communicating more frequently with certain people. The creation of a group of contacts saves time, to organize a next cousinade or an evening with friends. Here's how to create groups of contacts and avoid always looking for the same email addresses.

Find your favorite sites wherever you are

Have you just visited a great site or article? With the "Favorites" function, you can memorize its address in a few seconds. Some browsers even allow you to find your lists of favorite web addresses from any computer. On Chrome, for example, you must be logged in to the browser when you save them.

In the dinosaur family, I would like ... the youngest

He was born in Spain, about 125 million years ago, and bears the sweet name of Morelladon Beltrani. Paleontologists have discovered in a quarry of red clay around Barcelona the remains of a new dinosaur. The study of a team of Madrilenian researchers, published last Wednesday by Plos One, an American scientific journal shows that the specimen was about 6 meters long and 2.5 meters high.

Ice age cats

They have everything that makes us fall for a young feline: silky fur, teasing mustaches, tiny ears and even harmless baby teeth. But these two young cave lions have been dead for about 12,000 years. And since yesterday, we know a little more sure the circumstances of their deaths.

The harmonica of space

This small harmonica (finally, its reissue) returns from very far. Space more precisely ... And that's what we like. On December 16, 1965, the US space base suddenly received a strange call from the captain of the orbital mission Gemini 6: "Hello Houston, here Gemini 6, unidentified object in sight, it looks like a satellite and moves from north to south ... We will try to intercept it.